Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My First Ever Blog

You see blogs everywhere nowadays, for just about everything.  People blog about their careers, their families and friends, their pets, the photos they take, their views on the world.  Blogs are so prominent in this day and age that you're guaranteed to encounter at least one every time you browse the Internet.

I never considered myself destined to become a blogger.  I wasn't going to be one of those people, oh no, not I.  In fact, I figured I would be the opposite; I would be that person who ignores blogs because they are often silly, or boring, or downright useless.  And yet, now here I am, with a blog of my very own.  Most likely it's going to be silly, boring, and downright useless, but I'm doing it nevertheless.

I don't expect people to read my posts or follow my webpage, nor do I expect the people who do chose to read my postings to find them fascinating or helpful.  I just like the idea of sharing my thoughts and opinions on something that is mine.  It isn't an online book group, or social network.  It is my blog, my very own little corner of the Internet.  

I'm still moving in to this little corner of cyberspace, so it's looking a little sparsely furnished right now.  Hopefully, once I've figured out this newfangled thing, this blog will have more for my few visitors to explore.  I want this blog to be mostly about my two passions: reading and ballroom dancing (hence the title).  I will try to post weekly book reviews, as well as weekly spotlights on some of my favorite books.  I also hope to post dance updates and event schedules in the area.  I even plan to write an opinionated post about some random topic once a week, just because.

Like I said before, I don't expect this to be an amazing blog.  It's just going to be an average blog written by your average, yet quirky, dancing bookworm.  But my opinions are still uniquely mine, so maybe it will still be appreciated anyway.

This has been the first ever posting by yours truly, 
Lisa the Dancing Bookworm


  1. So excited to see you in the blogosphere!

    Just like you, I used to have the same kind of thoughts when it came into blogging. I would always roll my eyes but then I became addicted to vlogs on YouTube. Many of these vloggers had blogs, which made me start viewing blogging in a different manner.

    I brought up the subject on blogging on Bibliophile before and Wendy and Carmen immediately answered. They highly encouraged me to do it. Thanks to them, especially Wendy who "held" my hand the whole time, I am addicted to this world!

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