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Blog Hop Feature&Follow Friday!

It's F&F Friday everyone!

Feature and Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read.  The goal is to increase blog followers and to find new blogs to follow!  I follow you, you follow me!
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This weeks F&F question: Tell us about a book character you'd trade places with!

My answer: Ginny Weasley.  I know that it seems I'm really Harry Potter-obsessed (I kinda am) but Harry Potter's world is awesome!  And Ginny is pretty, smart, plays Quidditch, and kicks butt.  Who wouldn't want to be her?!


  1. Love the drawing of Ginny! She is pretty cool :) I'm a new GFC follower.

    Eileen @ BookCatPin

    1. I wish I could take the credit for the drawing, but I can't draw that well. I found it by googling Harry Potter fan art.

  2. I do like Ginny, but Hermione was my favorite.

    (new follower via Bloglovin)

  3. Oh Ginny is a lovely pick! I agree who wouldn't want to be her! Happy Friday
    Here's my F&F http://bookstothetea.blogspot.com/2014/08/feature-follow-friday_28.html?m=1

  4. Ginny is a great pick. I also chose someone from Harry Potter :)
    New follower via bloglovin
    My FF

  5. She is a great choice! I loved her character right from the start :)
    Old GFC follower
    New G+ follower
    Monique@ Mo_Books

  6. Ginny is a great choice! I am HP obsessed, too! Great pick! Happy Friday!
    New GFC Follower.
    Brittney @ Reviews from a Dreamer

  7. Ooh nice! Haven't seen too many Harry Potter answers yet today! Did see Hermione though! You're my first Ginny! And she was wicked awesome!

    Here's my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  8. Ginny is sweet, kind and brave . . .who wouldn't want to be her???!!!
    Great choice. Have a fab weekend.
    New Follower.
    Kirsty @ All in One Place

  9. Hi, I'm a new Bloglovin' follower. Ginny is a great choice! She goes through a lot in her younger years but she ends up in a good place.

    My FF

  10. Anybody who isn't obsessed with HP either hasn't read the series yet (and are crazy) or yeah, need to read it again, because they've forgotten it because they have bad memories. New GFC Follower! Thanks for stopping by! Happy reading!

  11. I love the picture! Ginny is a good choice - she'd be my second pick for the universe. A Wesley AND a Potter, can't argue that :)

    Andrea @ Bookish
    New follower

  12. Love the drawing :) it is super cute, I am a new GFC follower!
    My FF

  13. Thanks for stopping by my feature. Followed back! xoxox Britt @ Please Feed the Bookworm

  14. Can I add a WOW for that art! Brilliant choice.

    New G+ follower

    My FF

    Kate @ If These Books Could Talk

  15. YES Ginny is so AWESOME. She's such a cool character that I feel was even a little under utilized in the books and the movies. She's so great!

    New Follower!

    Jessica @ Ramblings on Readings


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