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Book Review: Into The Land Of The Unicorns, by Bruce Coville

Into the Land of the Unicorns (Unicorn Chronicles, #1)Into the Land of the Unicorns by Bruce Coville
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Unicorn Chronicles Book I: Into The Land Of The Unicorns, by Bruce Coville
★★★★ ½ and a ♥

Synopsis: As each chime sounds, Cara climbs faster up the steep bell tower. Eleven! She must be on the roof when the next bell tolls. Twelve! With a deep breath, and only half believing she will survive, Cara jumps off the church roof and into Luster, land of the unicorns.
In Luster, Cara meets many wonderful creatures, but the most magnificent of all is Lightfoot, a rebellious young unicorn. Cara’s band of friends comes to include a hairy creature named the Dimblethum and the monkey-like Squijim. Together, they set out to reach the Unicorn Queen before the mysterious man who is following them does—to prevent the destruction of all unicorns forever.

In A Sentence: A childhood favorite of mine, and still a lovely story for little girls.
My Thoughts: A long time ago, back before Harry Potter came into my life, I was a huge fan of unicorns. They were my favorite mythical animal, so much of a favorite that I still have my collection of everything unicorn: unicorn toys, a stuffed unicorn doll that I carried everywhere, small unicorn figurines and statues, and so much more. So when I was perusing through the fantasy section of the local library and saw this book with a picture of a unicorn on the cover, I simply had to pick it up and read it.
I think I read this book about a dozen times, I loved it so much! A girl about my age ending up in a fantasy world where unicorns live, how cool was that?!
Years later, I began to regret not purchasing my own copy, and lately, for whatever reason, I began to think about the story again and wanting to read it at least once more. So I went to my local library, and, once again, sought the book out.
The book is much smaller than I remembered (only 160 pages), but it was still very sweet and enjoyable. It is one of those stories that make children wish unicorns were real, and adults nostalgic about their childhood years. The story is adorably creative, and full of action. It’s sad and it’s lovely. It’s about good and evil and choosing sides. It’s basically a cute girl’s story. Clearly, little girls would love this book, but I think moms would like it too. Highly recommended.

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