Friday, September 19, 2014

Feature & Follow Friday!

It's Friday!  Time for the Feature&Follow blog hop!

Feature Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read.  The goal of this blog hop is to get as many followers as possible and return the favor by following them.  The more you follow, the better!

Every week there's a question to answer.  This week's question:

Blogger Pet Peeves.  What are yours?

I'm still a relatively new blogger, but already I have a few pet peeves.  First, there's the issue of how easy it is to delete your posts.  And once they're gone, they're gone!  I just recently discovered that I deleted one of my favorites spotlight post, and I was really proud of that one!  Lesson learned, keep backup drafts!
Second, I hate how you make a draft of a post or a page, and it looks awesome, but then you publish it, it comes out all weird and funky.  Pictures aren't showing, paragraphs are weirdly space, and for some reason, there's a few sentences that came out looking different from everything else, so you have to go back to the draft and fix everything.  *sigh*, I love blogging, but sometimes it can be unnecessarily time-consuming!


  1. I agree with both of these! Formatting is so annoying sometimes! Old follower :)

    Here's my F&F!

  2. I hate accidentally deleting posts frustrating! New e-mail follower. My F&F. Happy reading!

  3. Sites that take more than 10 seconds to load peeve me the most.

    New GFC & G+ follower.

    Guy Vestal @ Counter Culture Critic Here is my #FF

  4. I agree with you on the formatting thing.... spending ages on getting a post just right, posting it and it coming out with odd spacing so you have to tweak the post to get it right to the viewer.... annoying!

    New GFC follower

    Thea @ Gizzimomo's Book Shelf

  5. I agree with both of those, they drive me Thanks for stopping by my blog! New follower via email. :)

  6. Tweaking the post, I feel, is always the worst part of blogging. Sometimes the whole thing will feel of to me. Follower!!!

    My FFF

    xx Kat xx
    The Realm of Books

  7. I haven't lost a post but I feel for your pain! And it's pretty weird, what looks normal in the creating the post stage, looks so different sometimes in the post that's seen by everybody! Existing GFC follower! Thanks for stopping by! Happy reading!

  8. New blogger here as well- I'm about six months into blogging! I face the exact same peeves- and a good brilliant g friend tole me to keep hitting the preview button just to check- I've never heard better advice;)

    New GFC follower!


  9. I hate it when that happens! Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  10. Me too! Formats are a nightmare. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  11. I hate that too! It's so tedious going back and trying to fix things when they don't publish the way you wanted!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Old follower! :)