Thursday, September 25, 2014

Random Post: I Finished Two Audiobooks Because I Was Decorating A Cake For A Cake Contest

So a couple of days ago, I was able to finish two books in one day.  Some might think, "oh that's nothing!" but for me that rarely happens, so it's kind of a "whoo-hoo!" moment for me.

How did I manage it?  Audiobooks, and a whole lot of time to listen to them.  I entered the cake decorating contest at a local fair, and spent about 10-12 hours making a cake.

A little backstory: my husband's family lives near one of the largest Connecticut fairs, the Durham Fair.  I love going there, and I love looking at the cakes and seeing which cake won, so three years ago I decided to enter.
They have an interesting prize system: before the fair opens, judges score the cake (100 points total) and award a Best-Of-Show ribbon to the one they like the best.  The fair is open for four days, and the people can vote for which cake they like best.  At the end of each day, the votes are tallied, and the cake with the most votes each day is awarded a People's Choice ribbon (a total of 3 People's choice ribbons).  The next two cakes with the most votes are awarded first place ribbons, the next two after that get second place ribbons, and so on.  Everyone gets a ribbon, but I'm a competitive decorator; I want the big ribbons!

Two years ago the theme was Halloween, and I won not only Best-In-Show, but two People's Choice ribbons, and one first place ribbon!  Since then, I've been trying to win big again.
Halloween theme, I went with horror stories
I copied the climatic scene from Legend Of Sleepy Hollow onto the "pages"
Me proudly wearing my ribbons! (My husband is holding the prize money check of $30)

Last year, the theme was fair-themed, and I worked hard at figuring out something that no one else would do that people would like.  This cake only got a measly second place ribbon, and a judge said my fence was too low. I know this wasn't my best work, but seriously? That's why you scored my cake 85 out of 100?!

So this year I'm hoping I'll win People's Choice and Best Of Show this year.  I work freaking hard on these cakes, and the prize money only covers 1/3 of the cost of the cake materials.  I'm all for good sportsmanship, but I wanna win!!!!
This year was a Christmas theme, and here's a few pictures!  I should mention that each of the cats you see are inspired by my cat Miesha.

Sometimes even for Santa, things can go a little awry....

Who wouldn't be tempted?

My cat only drinks from a glass, so I figured this cat would too!
I had way too much fun making Santa! (edible play-doh is awesome btw)

I went for a more cartoon look with this cat: I don't think he was expecting this to happen...

Christmas ornaments will always make awesome toys!

Of course, those cozy stockings look soooo tempting!

That's me!  Looking tired and terrible, but triumphant! (decorating is a messy business)

The cat who inspired it all

My husband is on vacation, so he delivered the cake to the fair for me while I was at work; he still loves me, even after I threatened him with a slow and painful death if he didn't drive like a little old lady on the way to the fair.
I hope I win this year.  I really do.  This hobby of mine is time-consuming and costly, so the prize needs to be worth it.  My husband assures me that the other cakes he saw don't compare, but I guess I'll just have to see when I go to the fair on Friday!

Can I insert a bit of an opinion here?  Don't the cake themes seem a little cliche?  Every year it's some cutesy, overly popular theme (halloween, fair, christmas).  How about something cool or unique?  Like a fairy tale theme, or a reading theme, or a fantasy theme?!

What theme would you want to see?

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  1. Your cakes look awesome! I wish I could do that, but I don't think I have enough patience. I'm happy just to get the cake frosted decently :-) Great work, I hope you win!