Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday's Opinions: Should There Be Another Harry Potter Book?

It's Tuesday!  And time for my weekly opinions!

This week:

Should There Be Another Book?

First we saw this on Twitter:
Very busy at the moment working on a novel, tweaking a screenplay and being involved in campaigns. Back when I've finished something!

Then we saw this:
Cry, foe! Run amok! Fa awry! My wand won’t tolerate this nonsense.

Which turned out to be an anagram for:
“Newt Scamander only meant to stay in New York for a few hours.”

Another things she said was:
The solution [to the anagram] is the first sentence of a synopsis of Newt's story. It isn't part of the script, but sets the scene.

From People.com, which explains everything:

Fan Solves J.K. Rowling's Cryptic Tweet

The mystery has been solved!

Emily Strong, a PhD student at the University of Sheffield, decoded the anagram posted by J.K. Rowling, Tweeting the answer at the Harry Potter author.

"You are hereby christened the One True Hermione of Twitter," Rowling responded. "I am deeply impressed, that really wasn't easy!"

The challenge began Monday, when Rowling worked her magic on Twitter, posting a cryptic message.

Naturally, fans obsessively tried to work out the riddle (sorry, bosses of the world), and Rowling continued to fan the flames.

The Tweet was a teaser about Newt Scamander, the magizoologist whose tale Rowling is unspooling in her screenplay for the upcoming Potter spin-off film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

"Newt Scamander's History of New York Fauna: One town, my tale. Warmer, she Tweeted on Tuesday, followed by another post: "#helpfulhint The solution is the first sentence of a synopsis of Newt's story. It isn't part of the script, but sets the scene."

Suffice it to say that I'm excited about this new movie coming out, but what I'd love to see is a new book!

I'm a Pottermaniac and proud of it.  When the 7th book concluded, I mourned the end of an era.  I wanted so badly for it to continue, and yet I thought that perhaps it was better this way.  Perhaps it's better that we don't see what happens next....

Well, if J.K. Rowling didn't write that epilogue, I probably would have been content.  But no, we get to see everyone older with their families and their children.  Because of that epilogue, I've been wanting to find out what happens next for years.  I've researched every site I could find with background information on the Harry Potter world, I have 3 accounts on Pottermore (funny thing, the Sorting Hat put me in 3 different houses and I was answering the questions honestly each time--apparently I belong in every house except Slytherin), and I have folders upon folders of fan art saved on my computer.

As an adult, I would love to see all my favorite characters going off on another magical adventure, this time as grown-ups with families and children.  How cool would that be?!  What a wonderful message that would send to all of Rowling's fans, now grown up and living real lives: just because you're no longer a kid doesn't mean you can't still go on another magical journey!
But something tells me that maybe it's better that there isn't another book in the works.  After all, we don't want to ruin a perfectly good series with a potentially terrible sequel (Indiana Jones, anyone?).  But still, I would love to see at least a novella of the later years.  Wouldn't that be nice?

What about the rest of you Potter fans out there?  Do you like the fact that there's a movie spin-off in the works?  Wouldn't you just love to see another book?  Or should things stay the way they are now?

Happy reading!
-Lisa The Dancing Bookworm

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