Sunday, November 9, 2014

Book Review: The Hidden Staircase, by Carolyn Keene

The Hidden Staircase (Nancy Drew, #2)The Hidden Staircase by Carolyn Keene
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Hidden Staircase, by Carolyn Keene
★★★ and 1/2

Synopsis: Nancy Drew is on the case, trying to solve the second mystery of her career. When Nancy's friend Helen asks her to come stay at Twin Elms to try and catch the ghost that has been frightening Helen's Aunt Rosemary and Miss Flora, Nancy readily accepts the assignment. Exhibiting total fearlessness and constant level headedness, Nancy uses her deductive reasoning to try and outsmart the ghost. Along the way, Nancy's lawyer father is kidnapped in what at first appears to be an unrelated incident, or is it?
In A Sentence: Quick, cute, and fun.

What I Liked And Didn't Like: Phew! Finally finished this one! I have been in one heck of a reading slump the past few weeks! I never seemed to be in the mood, and I kept on turning on the TV and binging on Netflix. But I'm slowly pulling myself out of this funk I'm in and this book has helped me start out of the gate on the right foot! For an adult it's an incredibly quick read: I just zipped right through the book in a couple of hours! For young girls, this book is great. It's full of mystery and adventure where no one gets seriously hurt and everyone gets to go home safe and sound and happy in the end. All the good guys are perfectly respectable and present themselves as excellent role models, and all the bad guys are decidedly nasty people. For adults, this book is cute and fun but nothing amazing.
In A Nutshell: this book is perfect for kids and nostalgic adults, but it doesn't offer anything new to the serious reader. Moving on to the next book!

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