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Book Review: The Lion In The Valley (Amelia Peabody #4), by Elizabeth Peters

Lion in the Valley (Amelia Peabody, #4)Lion in the Valley by Elizabeth Peters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lion In The Valley, by Elizabeth Peters
★★★★ and a 1/2 (plus a ♥ for the whole series in general)

Synopsis: The 1895-96 season promises to be an exceptional one for Amelia Peabody, her dashing Egyptologist husband Emerson, and their wild and precocious eight-year-old son Ramses. The much-coveted burial chamber of the Black Pyramid in Dahshoor is theirs for the digging. But there is a great evil in the wind that roils the hot sands weeping through the bustling streets and marketplaces of Cairo. The brazen moonlight abduction of Ramses--and an expedition subsequently cursed by misfortune and death--have alerted Amelia to the likely presence of her arch nemesis the Master Criminal, notorious looter of the living and the dead. But it is far more than ill-gotten riches that motivates the evil genius this time around. For now the most valuable and elusive prize of all is nearly in his grasp: the meddling lady archaeologist who has sworn to deliver him to justice...Amelia Peabody!
In A Sentence: A bit long-winded at times, but still a whole lot of fun

My Thoughts: Well, once again, I find myself tagging along with the captivating Amelia Peabody Emerson on yet another outrageous adventure with her eccentric family. As always, Amelia tends to get a little long-winded at times, but her sense of humor, and her ability to get into all sorts of crazy trouble guarantees a good read. I love how the stories reflect the historical events of that time period fairly accurately, and I love how each story is somehow strongly related to Egyptology. While I do love Amelia's personality, I think my favorite character thus far is her husband Radcliffe Emerson. His antics always supply a dashing bit of comic relief, and his ability to treat everyone equally is something I admire.
I do plan to continue the series, maybe to the end, or at least until I find an audiobook copy of a novel that I'm supposed to be reading.

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