Friday, January 30, 2015

It's Friday! Time For a Blog Hop!

Happy Friday readers!  It's time for Parajunkee's and AlisonCanRead's Feature & Follow Friday blog hop!

The rules:
1. create a post answering the weekly question
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4. follow as many blogs as you like and have fun!

This Week's Question:
Hard print or Kindle, which is your favorite?

Personally I like both equally, but for different reasons.  My Kindle is extremely convenient for reading away from home, plus I will never be stuck without a book if I finish a read sooner than anticipated, since my Kindle can access more books!  I also like the ability to find word definitions and little details that were mentioned earlier in the story.
With that being said however, a Kindle is no book and I love holding an actual book in my hands.  The smell, the feel of the pages, the sound a page makes when you turn it, how much easier it is on your eyes.... yeah, hard copies are nice.  I read an online article some time ago, that read on an actual book makes it easier to focus and remember events in the story than if you were to read an ebook.  So bring on the hard books, people!

What are your thoughts?

Happy blog hopping!


  1. I've finished a book before in the middle of a school day only to have nothing to read until I go home! You're right that ebooks are much better for those situations. Old follower :)

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  2. You're right ebooks are better when you have to carry pill of books,but printed books are so much joy.
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    Silvy from Books are my life

  3. I do finish books faster when i read the e-book of it, but like the article you read said, i tend to not remember much of the e-book but i remember everything from the hard print!

  4. Word definitions within eBooks is something I'd forgotten about when I made my post! That really is a handy thing about reading on a tablet.
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  5. Nice! I just saw someone else mention said article! And I really find that its true. Sometimes when reading that ebook I can't remember things as well. But I can with my real book! And I love my real books! though I do love my kindle--though it sorely needs an upgrade very soon--it's perfect for my earcs and indie author reads!

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    Have a GREAT day!

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  6. I feel like I've said this so many times, but I can't help it I have to give both physical and Kindle books equal love because I believe in equality. LOL. Does this mean I'm an equal rights opportunist?! Yes, maybe...I don't even know, but it does mean that I love eBooks as much as I love my physical copies and for all of the reasons that you stated and some more crazy oddball ones. :)

    Happy Reading and Hopping Through! :)
    Suz @ A Soul Unsung

  7. Both, is my decision. There is nothing like the feel of a book in my hands. The anticipation of cracking open that novel for the first time is a treat unlike any other. But my Kindle gets love too for convenience, fast want it now books, and reading a quick chapter of a book while in the check-out line.

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  8. Ooh.. I didn't know about the online article thing. Thanks for sharing! :) I enjoy both eBooks and hard copies, but I love the physical ones more. :)

  9. I had no idea we remember details of a story better if we have an actual book rather than an e-book! I'm going to do my own personal survey about that - next time I read a paperback, that is...
    Have a great weekend Lisa Marie, and happy reading.
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  10. I too love being able to define a word while reading on my e-reader. It's so much easier than looking it up in a dictionary or on my phone. It's a bit lazy, but I like to think of it as more of a convenience than laziness. I love both my e-reader and my books equally. They both have great features and I will never give up on either one.
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    Elizabeth @ Stuffed Shelves