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It's Friiddaaaay! Time For A Blog Hop!

Happy Friday people!  It's time for the Feature & Follow blog hop, hosted by parajunkee and alison can read.

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This week's question:
Do you read more than 1 book at a time, and if so, how, like a certain amount of pages per book before moving on to the next one in the queue? – via Words I Write Crazy

I always read two books at a time: one on audiobook and one in printed or ebook form.  Once a book is finished, I immediately move on to the next one.  Every once in a while, when I manage to haul myself out of a reading slump, I go into a reading frenzy and try to read 3 or 4 books at once (ebook for reading on the go, printed book for home reading, and audiobook for my daily commute and chores).  My reading pace seriously slows down when I do that though, so it doesn't happen often.

Because I read books in different formats, I don't have a page limit per book.  If I have a period of time to listen to my audiobook, then I listen for as long as I can until it's time to stop.  Same thing goes for reading a printed book, although when it's time to stop, I try to round up to the end of the chapter or section.  If, on the rare days where I have 3 books at once, I try to read 2 or 3 chapters of each book at a time, just to be fair to each book, although every time I have to do that, I end up favoring one book over the other and the reject just has to sit and wait until I'm done with the favorite.

How about you guys?  How many books do you read at once?


  1. Nice! I find it incredible so many bloggers can do the whole read more than one book at a time! No matter the format! Though format does seem to play a key factor in it all! I can't read more than 1 book at time because I know I will end up crossing wires with details and little things like that. So I happily read 1 book at a time!

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    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. While i was reading this i was imaging you comforting your books because they felt like you read more of the other one. It was a cute image :] Made my day!

  3. I tend to dive into new story lines after reading one too, and speaking of reading slumps, I'm in a bit of a reading funk now! I need to figure something out :/

    1. Whenever I'm in a slump, it's usually because there's waaay too much going on in my life. I suggest re-reading a favorite so you don't feel too stressed, then find a book that is similar to your favorite.

  4. I do tend to read more than one book at a time too. I usually am reading at least 2 books (one ebook and one physical).. I don't have a page limit either. I just read whichever book I am in the mood for, for however long I have the chance to read at the time. Great answer!
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  5. I do multiple read but only up to 3 books, usually I read 2. I'm not particular with the format, only genres. They have to be in different genres. :) Happy reading!

    1. I used to do the different genres route, but I've found that, so long as I only deal with two books at a time, I can manage okay. Put three books in front of me, however, and they have to be completely different genres.

  6. YES to audiobooks! I'm glad I'm not the only one! :)

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  7. I carry my mp3 player at work and listen to audio books all day, but at home I have hard copies and my tablet. So I always have at least 2 books going.
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  8. i love reading paper and audibooks at the same time. . . . new follower, happy weekend!

  9. Thats a great idea, unfortunately i haven't yet quite caught onto the audiobook trend, however if i had this is definitely what i would do. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) New follower via bloglovin!

    Sanna @ Fanciful Fictions

  10. I just *love* being able to read on multiple formats, especially when you can sync things like the kindle app across devices.

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    Regular follower x

  11. From viewing a few blogs it seems most bloggers read more than one book at a time. Thank you for stopping by my blog.. New follower via GFC and bloglovin.

  12. I read multiple books at once, but want to cut down to only 1 or 2. Probably will after my read-alongs finish. I'll have to try it. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :D


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