Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Tuesday Rant Dedicated To The Children Who Lost Their Lives In Manchester

Have you ever thought about the things that led to you being born?

When you really think about it, it's incredible that we each exist.  It takes meeting the right person, at the exact right time, to create the birth of you.  And that meeting of the right person at the right time is the result of making the right choice at the exact right time, which is the result of another correct choice at the right time.....it goes on and on.  My parents are from opposite sides of North American.  It took a thousand right choices, at a thousand right moments, for a Texan and a Canadian to create one person, me.

We are all miracles of life.  Our personalities, our identities, our souls, are all part of a wondrous coincidence.  Whether we have children or not, our decisions and choices, the things we say and do, the things we like and hate, they all shape the world's events that lead to the birth of another life, another soul.

Look around you.  You have the power to shape the world you live in.  It might not be a major event.  Heck, you will not even realize what you are doing most of the time.  Just know this: our life is miraculous, and we can change things and people with one decision at a time, knowing all the while that the things we do are going to create and bring a new miracle into this world, whether it's our child or someone else's.

We also have the power to choose to create love out of hate.  Go out there today and do something positive for someone else.  Show the world out there that it won't be hate and fear that will win, but love and kindness.  We are not helpless in this horrible situation, when a terrorist chooses to destroy 22 miracles in a single moment; we can choose do something about it.  All lives are special, created from a thousand coincidences.  Go and create one now by being kinder than necessary and loving the life you live.  It will make a world of difference.  Literally.

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