Monday, June 19, 2017

It's Monday! Time To Brag A Little

Happy Monday folks!

Well, I'm feeling a little smug.  I've been keeping up with my (slightly crazy) reading schedule, and I'm loving it!  I'm finally finding myself able to actually sit down and read, and enjoy myself on top of it.  It's so depressing when you find yourself unable to do what you love most because there isn't time.  It's even worse when you do have time, and you don't feel in the mood to read, because you're stuck in a rut and you have no momentum to get out of it.

But now I'm officially out of my rut, and back in the swing of things!

For those of you who are wondering what my reading schedule is, let me catch you up:

For the month of June, I want to complete four books every 10 days.  That's 12 books total.

So far, I've completed six books, with two more soon to be finished. Whoohoo!

My upcoming deadline is June 20th, this Tuesday.  I'm pretty confident that I'll be able to finish my current reads by Tuesday evening, despite having just started one of them.  We shall see!

Anyway, here are the books I've finished thus far: (click on the book cover to see the review)

Just finished this one yesterday on audiobook!  This is yet another good continuation in the Temeraire series.  Seriously, if you like books about dragons, this is a good one to read.

This one was a BOTM for a book group and a surprisingly quick read.  I wouldn't say it's the best thriller I've ever read, but it was still fairly decent.

I finished this earlier in the week.  Empire Of Ivory was book #4 in the series, this one was book #3.  I liked book #4 better, but this was still pretty good.

So, doing well so far!  Here are my upcoming reads for this week: (click on the cover to find out more)

This is a BOTM read for a book club whose meeting is coming up this Tuesday.  So far I'm finding this book to be rather sad...and maybe a little confusing.  I'm definitely looking forward to the upcoming discussion.

This is the audiobook read, and book #5 in the Temeraire series.  This will be a bit of a sprint for me to finish by Tuesday night, but I'm looking forward to reading it.  It's already off to a great start!

The next book-book I'm planning on reading.  It's short, so it'll be a good one to read after all the heavy books I've been working on.

The next installment in the Temeraire series, this one I'm hoping to start listening to on Wednesday.

Anyway, as usual, all this talking about books to read is making me want to read some more, so off I go!  It's going to be a rainy day, so perfect for cozy-ing up with a book.

Happy reading everyone!

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