Thursday, June 15, 2017

Today's Topic: I'm A Book Geek And I'm Loving It

I'm feeling pretty good about myself today!

This month I set a reading goal of 12 books.  So far, I've finished five with a sixth book not too far behind.  It's making me feel pretty mighty!

I think it's helping that I set up a reading schedule with deadlines for myself: every 10 days I'm trying to finish four books.  It's forcing me to set aside time every day to read, or to do some chores so I can listen to my audiobook, and preventing me from doing my all-time weakness of TV-bingeing.  I'm loving how productive my days feel now!

I'm also loving how I'm feeling more like the book geek I know I am.

It's great being a book geek.  People know that a bookstore is your first choice to hang out, and they learn to leave you alone when you're in the middle of reading.  The only people who still give me funny looks are the strangers at restaurants and in the streets (why is not weird for people to check out their cell phones while eating their lunch, but it's strange if someone reads a book?  I don't get it).

Because I don't blog enough about things other than book reviews, I've decided to make this list of ten signs that you are a book geek.  If you feel like you can relate to at least 3/4 of this list, then be proud, because you're a book geek too!

10 Signs That You Are A Book Geek:
1) You watch a movie adaptation of a film, and you feel the need to point out why the book was better
(Let's face it: the book is always better)

2) When you visit someone's house, the first thing you gravitate towards is their bookshelf
(You just want to see if they've read the same books you've read)

3) Instead of a fitness schedule, you have a reading schedule
(Your brain needs a good workout after all)

4) You spend more time on Goodreads than you do on Facebook
(Facebook has the cute animal videos, but Goodreads has the awesome stories)

5) You know what a "book hangover" is
(A book hangover definition: physically, you've finished a book, but emotionally, you're still not done with the story)

6) You have to check out any place with a sign overhead that says "books"
(And then spend a minimum of an hour there)

7) Spending $100 on clothing is ridiculous, but spending $100 for over 20 books at a used bookstore is an awesome deal and must be repeated.
(I swear I needed those 20 books.  Oh and btw, we need more bookshelves)

8) Your favorite places to visit are fictional
(I'm a regular visitor to Hogwarts, thankyouverymuch)

9) You've memorized your library card number, and the librarians know you by face, if not by name
(When I was a kid and mom needed to reach me, she would always call the library first)

10) The first thing you pack for a trip is at least two books 
(it has to be more than two, because you're going to finish at least one while traveling)

Okay, enough computer stuff.  I feel the need to read some more.


  1. Hahahaha!!!! Yes to all!!!!
    That's awesome that you are reading more. I need to force myself to read. I think my brain is fried after all the studying that I did these past two years. I'm giving myself another week of "rest" before going back to some intense reading.

    1. I remember being a little brain dead when my last semester ended at college. I can only imagine how fried you must be right now!

  2. LOL, I guess I’m a book geek because all of those things are me.