Dance Stuff

Dance Stuff!

Ballroom dancing is a huge passion of mine.  I grew up with it, I love it, and I want others to enjoy it just as much.  So here's my dance page!

My Posts About Ballroom Dancing:

Links To Other Dance-Related Articles:

My Dance Website:
In case you were curious about my job, here's our website (created by yours truly!)
Hartford Ballroom

Performances I've done
Hartford Ballroom's dance teachers have had a history of dance performances.  Here's a link to our video webpage:
Hartford Ballroom Dance Company Videos


  1. What a great idea to have: a Dance Stuff tab! I am stealing this ;)

  2. Oooo, dancing and reading are my two favourite things too! Swing dancing is more my style, though I've had a go at ballroom, street latin, rock and roll , boot scootin' and belly dancing lessons and I'll try to follow anything. On NBRC I made my moderator subtitle "Leading Lady" because I can also lead when I dance. I often use the line "I swing both ways....I lead and I follow" Well I think it's funny....