Thursday, August 21, 2014

Book Review: Children Of The Storm (Amelia Peabody #15), by Elizabeth Peters

It's getting hard to post everything at the end of the week, so I'll post reviews as I go along.

by Elizabeth Peters
★★★★ and a for the series as a whole.
Synopsis: At last the Great War is over. Amelia, her distinguished Egyptologist husband Emerson and their extended family are preparing for another season of excavation in Egypt. To everyone's great joy their son Ramses and his wife Nefret have become parents. Amelia, enjoying her role of fond (yet firm) grandmother, hopes that for once, this will be a quiet year with Ramses no longer undertaking perilous missions for British intelligence and no old enemies on their trail.
Amelia is sadly mistaken. Past dangers cast shadows across the seemingly peaceful present, and a new adversary - unlike any Amelia has ever encountered - will chart a course that puts her beloved family directly in the path of destruction.
In A Sentence: Yet another decent novel from one of my favorite series, but I’m looking forward to the end.
My Thoughts: I confess that while I really love this series, I’ve reached the point where I’m getting tired of the books.  The last 3 or 4 novels are really not Elizabeth Peter’s best works.  The story, while a little different from the first few, is a bit more tedious than the previous ones.  Either it’s because I’ve been reading the stories back-to-back, or it’s because the book isn’t as amazing as her earlier works.
Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy this book.  Like all the other stories, this mystery had elements of excitement, humor, and intrigue.  There is a bit of a plot twist that I hadn’t anticipated when I first read this novel several years ago, and the action is fairly fast-paced, but after having read over a dozen books before this one, all with the action, humor, and mystery, I’m exhausted and I’m ready to move on.  But I’m determined to finish the series, and there are only 3 books left, one of which I haven’t read yet.  So moving on and moving forward!  On to the next Amelia Peabody adventure!

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