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Book Review: Searching For Dragons (The Enchanted Forest Chronicles #2), by Patrica C. Wrede

Searching for Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, #2)Searching for Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede
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Searching For Dragons (The Enchanted Forest Chronicles #2), by Patricia C. Wrede

Synopsis: The cast: an un-ordinary king and an extraordinary princess, a couple of kooky giants, an overzealous magician, a loyal and helpful witch, and a host of evil and dangerous wizards.
The instruments: a broken-down magic carpet, a leaking magical sword, and a few buckets of soapy lemon water.
The problem: dragon-napping and magic-stealing.
And so the story begins, one fine day while King Mendanbar is taking a casual stroll through the Enchanted Forest....
In A Sentence: A fun sequel in a great children’s series

My Thoughts: Fairy tale retellings; ya gotta love ‘em. They’re always so much fun to read.
This was clearly a children’s novel, but it was still really enjoyable to read as an adult. The story was cute and quick and amusing, while at the same showing an equal partnership between a male and female protagonist. Anyone who has been following my reviews knows by now that I am a feminist, and that I hate interactions that claim that the woman is a strong, independent type, but then ends up needing a strong man to help her out. In this story, Mendanbar and Cimorene work together to solve problems, but you get the impression that both Cimorene and Mendanbar are perfectly capable of completing the quest by themselves without each other’s help. This is the main reason why I enjoyed this story, and I think this was subconsciously a factor in making this a favorite read back when I was a kid. Cimorene, you go girl!
Overall, this was a really enjoyable novel. Once again, I recommend the audiobook. While I think some of the voices didn’t completely suit the character, it did seem to make the book move along more quickly. Plus, it was fun to listen to in the car ;) Enjoy!

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