Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday's Opinion: Which "Problems Of A Book Nerd" Reflects Me?

Happy Tuesday everyone!

As always, I try to say a little something on Tuesdays, but this week, I'm going to do something a little different.  Some weeks back, I looked up the blog called Problems Of A Book Nerd, and wow, I love the problems she posts!  I spent a couple of hours clicking through the phrases (some are really funny), and then submitted my own problem.  And guess what?!  She posted it a week ago!!!

This one's mine!!

I guess there's not much to be excited about, but I think it's kinda cool how we can share something over the web, and a person whom you never met before acknowledges what you say and shares it with others.  So long as it's safe and benign, it's pretty nifty.

If you look in my "Book Stuff" page, you'll notice I put a bunch of these Problems there.  These are the problems I can relate to.  I figured this week I take these problems and show you

My Top 25 "Problems Of A Book Nerd" Problems

These top 25 are the ones that best reflect me, so if you're not entirely sure what kind of person you're dealing with, this list will give you a fairly good idea.  If you want to spend time checking these problems out on the original site, click here.

UPDATE: Okay, so 25 was just wishful thinking.  As it turns out, I couldn't narrow it down to less than 48, so you're getting almost twice as much as promised.

Sometimes it doesn't matter.  Other times, I get annoyed.

Harry Potter.  I needn't go further. *tear*

I'm thinking when they turn 10 or 11, but then again, I might just read it to them when they're born.

It's become a reflex.

Yeah...we all know that never happens.  You only stop reading when it's 4a.m. and the words start blurring together.

I actually make a point of bringing a book with me when I go purse-shopping.

I'm ashamed to say I've done this before.
It's every Potteraholic's biggest disappointment.

Exactly!  Yes!  Thank you!

I can forgive a person if they need to ask something. But to just start up a conversation...c'mon.

this is happening less frequently now that my husband is starting to enjoy bookstores too. :)

yep.  Ya never know!

I am sooo glad I'm not the only who does this!

"It was elementary, my dear Watson"

That was me in high school.  I was actually one of the few students who truly looked forward to reading the books.

"Are You My Mother?" was the first book I was ever able to read on my own.

Yep, and trading private dance lessons for advanced copies. :)

Dave laughs at me when I do this....

Yep!  They just don't get it.

That was my childhood.  I never even had to give them my library card.
They had better like reading, I'm buying all these books for them before they're even born!
Yeah, that's always hard.

My husband, being the social worker that he is, is constantly telling me I need an intervention...and rehab, lots of rehab.

This person says it all...

Once again, I am so glad I'm not the only person...

Siddhartha.  That book....was amazing.

Been there, done that.

Now if only I had a few more shelves...

Still do dream of it sometimes

....And you do that little squirming/cringing thing and you have to close your eyes...

Every time!

Especially when it's children.  Then you know there's hope for the future :)

There was that time a couple of years back when we got 3 feet of snow, and everything was shut down for a couple of days.  Heaven.  Absolute heaven.

Hence why my apartment is always a mess.
And I spend so much reading time preparing it too!
Seriously.  Every single time.
Darn!  Stupid bathroom breaks!

They really should stack the books horizontally...

I find that to be a compliment, thank you.

Dave still doesn't get this.

Ugh.  I can never leave a book unfinished and I hate it when this happens.

Whenever I get reading slumps, this happens.  It sucks.

It just doesn't feel right to go somewhere without a book.

This is why you must always bring a book wherever you go!  To snatch those few precious minutes!

Thank God for Kindles!

This has been happening to me a lot recently...

Never fails.

Now I know I'm not alone with my issues.  Now go find your own!
-Lisa The Dancing Bookworm

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