Friday, February 26, 2016

It's Back! Feature&Follow Friday

Yay! It's back!  It's baaack!  And it looks pretty cool!

Okay, so this blog hop has a couple new changes, but the major points are the same: Write a post for the hop that answers the weekly question (or post prompt as they now call it), enter your blog into the linky thing on the host post, and then follow as many people as you can!  Following the hosts is a must (Alison Can Read and Parajunkee), as well as following the weekly feature (which, by the way, you now get to vote for next week's feature!).  Have fun!

This week's prompt:
Ten Reasons You Read Your Favorite Genre

Uhhhh.... I think I can come up with ten reasons, although I think I might get a little redundant. :)

Here are my ten reasons for reading Fantasy:

1) World-building is super creative and I'm all about the creativity
2) Female characters frequently have more of a voice in fantasy
3) Harry Potter
4) You can let your imagination run wild and escape to somewhere else
5) A character who has a normal life can suddenly become a hero (hello Bilbo Baggins)
6) Harry Potter
7) Anything and everything is possible
8) Magic is everywhere in fantasy
9) Fight scenes are cooler in a fantasy
10) Harry Potter

Let's face it, fantasy is just plain awesome!

Welcome to my blog everyone!  Feel free to look around and forgive the mess!
-Lisa The Dancing Bookworm


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  3. Oooh awesome! I especially love Harry Potter and the female leads, and Harry Potter, and of course magic! And naturally, Harry Potter!! Great reasons!!

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  4. I love how Harry Potter has 3 places in this list ahah and rightly so! I agree with all your answers so much, fantasy is a favourite genre of mine because of them :)

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  5. Harry Potter is an excellent repsonse for everything, no matter what the question! I absolutely adored fantasy too for a lot of the same reasons, especially everything is cooler! Especially fights. People lobbing magic at each other is a lot more exciting to imagine that Hugh Grant and Colin Firth in Bridget Jones, which is what most real life fights look like!

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