Monday, March 13, 2017

Time For A Fresh Start

Yeah, I'm trying to blog again.  Woopee.
Excuse my lack of enthusiasm, but I'm pretty sure that the only person currently reading this post is me.  Hi me!

I'm such a terrible blogger.  It's really annoying how inconsistent I am.  Seriously, the last post I did was a year ago.  A year ago!

I can't help but try again though.  So here's a clean slate.  A fresh start.  A new year with new goals.

My goals?  Post book reviews, try to read 80 books this year, and just post stuff as often as I can without sticking to any weekly memes or trying to achieve high expectations that end up discouraging me from posting regularly in the first place.

So, what have I been reading so far this year?  Well, here they are:

Blood Rites
Death Masks
Summer Knight
Grave Peril
Fool Moon
Storm Front
Messenger’s Legacy
The Skull Throne
The Daylight War

I didn't post any reviews for these books, but I'll go ahead and say a little something here and now:
1. The Demon Cycle Series, by Peter Brett (includes The Daylight War, The Skull Throne, and Messenger's Legacy)
I started the series at the end of 2016, and finished it this year.  This was an amazing ride, and I loved every minute of it.  I can't wait for the final installment to come out!

2. The Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher (includes the remaining books in the list above)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm reading the series again.  So sue me.  I didn't read the lastest installment in this series, and I want to, but I can't remember most of what's happened, so I reading it all over again.  It's still a very enjoyable series, and I really needed to listen to something that I've read before, so I can putz around my new house and fix things without distractions.

Well, I'm done for now.  Getting back in slowly, with low expectations.  Let's see how this goes!


  1. Welcome back, I hope you find the love of blogging again.

    1. Thank you Stormi! I'm glad to be back.