Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Rambling On A Tuesday: Blizzard Eugene

Snow day!!!

Yup. That about sums up my feelings for the moment.
Thanks to Blizzard Eugene, I've got a day off along with my husband.  We can't go out because of the travel ban, we won't be able to cook anything if (God forbid) the power goes out, but hey!  At least we've got the day off!

My plans for today are to watch TV, vacuum the dust bunnies with my brand new vacuum (yay!), and of course, read!

Here's my current reading list for today:

The Snow Child, by Eowyn Ivey
Reading this for a book club now that I finally have time to read for the book club.  I've read this before and I loved it. Reading it again, I'm finding that I'm enjoying it even more.

Ragtime, by E.L. Doctorow
This was one of the few high school reads I never finished.  It stuck with me though, and I've always been meaning to read it again and finish it.  My mom and grandmother wanted to do our own book club meeting, so we decided to read this book as our BOTM.  Also turning into a very good read, although it gets rather mature at times.

Dead Beat (The Dresden Files #7), by Jim Butcher
This is just for fun.  I'm listening to it on audio while I'm doing chores and driving to work.  I love this series.  It's awesomely both exciting and funny.  And this book has one of my all-time favorite scenes in this series.  Can't wait for it to show up!

Oh hey, back to the new vacuum.  I looove my new (to me) vacuum!  I've been dealing with an upright Dyson for four years.  It was fine while I was living in a carpeted apartment, but now in a house with hardwood floors, I hated it with a passion.  Now I've got a canister vacuum and it does the job well!
...And I'm rambling about a vacuum.  Sorry!  It's surprising how the little dull house stuff becomes so exciting when you own a home.  I've only been a homeowner for two months and I'm still in the honeymoon period.
It's a wonderful feeling, owning a home.  There's a building structure that belongs to you, and you alone.  No, wait, it's bigger than that: there is a piece of the planet Earth that has our name on it.  It is ours, no one else has a claim to it, it belongs to us.  How f*&%ing cooling is that?!

...Well, maybe not so cool now that we are in charge of shoveling our own driveway. (Note to self: buy a snowblower as soon as they go on sale).

Anyhoo, I'm going to sit back and enjoy this snow day.  Happy Tuesday everyone!