Monday, June 22, 2015

Hello Monday! Time For A (Long Overdue) Weekly Update

Hey folks!
It's Monday and as I'm officially out of a reading slump, I feel like I can actually say something about my reading plans!  Yay!

I've mentioned it before, but the last couple of months were tough, in more ways than one.  Work has been crazy busy (ack!), I re-read the entire Harry Potter series with my hubby (yay!), and I'm currently undergoing a huge cleaning/re-organizing/just-chucking-things-out project in my apartment (yeesh!).  So reading took a backseat as I had to prioritize.  But now I'm back on track, thanks to the Bibliophile Reading Group's Summer Reading Challenge!
I love the reading challenges in this book group!  They're always loads of fun, and they never fail to take me out a slump if I'm in one.  This summer's theme is called "Childhood Games".  The idea is to read 5 books that each fulfill certain category requirements (including one book that has to be the groups BOTM).  If you complete all five categories, you get entered into a raffle for a prize.  There are additional mini challenges that will crop up throughout the summer that we can complete if we want, and therefore receive an additional raffle entry.

Here are the categories:
1. Simon Says: Read a BOTM for the months of June-August
2. Hide 'N Seek: read a book with something partially hidden on the cover
3. Tag, You're It: read a book tagged "Childhood Favorite"
4. Old Maid: Read a book with one woman on the cover-- no other people
5. Double Dutch Jump Rope: read a book with consecutive double letters in the title (eg. LiTTle Women)

...Aaaannd the Mini Games (only 2 so far, 4 more to come):
1. Jacks!  How Many Can You Get? Read a book with a character or author named "Jack". (already closed)
2. 1, 2, 3: Hopscotch...  Read a book that is part of the series (due by July 3rd)

So far, I managed to complete all but 3 (working on completing one right now).  Here's what I've read so far (click on the cover for the review):

Book: A Wrinkle In Time, by Madeleine L'Engle
Category: Tag, You're It! a book tagged "childhood favorite"
My Rating: ★★★
Date Finished: June 18

Book: Dreamer's Pool, by Juliet Marillier
Category: Old Maid...a book with just one woman on the cover
My Rating: ★★★ 1/2
Date Finished: June 14

Book: Princess Academy, by Shannon Hale
Category: Double Dutch Jump Rope... a book with consecutive double letters in the title
My Rating: ★★★
Date Finished: June 21

Book: Wonder, by R.J. Palacio
Category: (mini game) Jacks! How Many Can You Get? a book with a character named "Jack"
My Rating: ★★★★★
Date Finished: June 16

Sooo, I've got some plans now.  I won't say yet what I'm gonna read because I haven't fully figured it out, but I am now on a quest to find a book with something partially hidden on the cover, and for anything else I'm in the mood for! (I am mildly curious about Of Poseidon, by Anna Banks, although I have a hunch that it really won't be my cup of tea)
Anyway, happy Monday!
-Lisa The Dancing Bookworm

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  1. Yay! I'm glad that you enjoy our reading challenges and that it's helping you get out of your reading slump.

    I didn't think that Of Poseidon would have been my cup of tea but I gave the audio a try. I enjoyed it tremendously and it was a distraction during my hectic months earlier this year. If you try it, I'll waiting for your thoughts.