Thursday, March 3, 2016

Book Review: Keep Calm...It's Just Real Estate, by Egypt Sherrod

Genre: Non-Fiction/Real Estate
Date Published: March 2015
Number Of Pages: 224 pages
Source: Owned copy


Overview: Egypt Sherrod knows how to take nervous prospective home-buyers by the hand and lead them through the process. She does it every week as host of HGTV's highly-rated show, Property Virgins. Now she translates her reassuring personality onto the page, with this "No-Stress" guide to buying a home. Egypt takes readers through, simplifying all the many steps of the process, and giving them invaluable information, including:-Top ten things to consider before buying a home
-How sticking with one agent works in your favor
-Eight ways to be an attractive homebuyer on paper, and ease the mortgage-approval process.
-What to do in a bidding war
-Why you should NEVER overlook the home inspection
-And much more!
Egypt blends her professional know-how and her personable touch with this down-to-earth guide, providing plenty of anecdotes, handy lists, and even a glossary to ensure that readers keep calm...and experience the thrill of home ownership.

My Rating:
....For being a very informative read

My Thoughts:

I guess it's kind of obvious why I'm reading this book.

I've been thinking about buying a home with my husband since last June, but I knew Dave and I weren't ready yet, so I chose to do some research instead, just to see how I should prepare. I looked at several books, but kept coming back to this one. So I went ahead and got it.

For someone who needed a step-by-step explanation of what to expect, this was a great book. Egypt Sherrod kept the language simple and understandable, yet extremely readable. I actually had fun reading this. It gave me a plan to follow, and kept my expectations realistic, without making me feel overwhelmed

If you're looking to buy a home, this is a good book to refer to. Definitely recommended.

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